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Sep. 15th, 2037 02:21 pm
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RP Journal for Jonathan Crane aka The Scarecrow from the Batman Arkham series. Taken from around Arkham Knight, after he's been mauled by Killer Croc. Scarecrow is a psychologist and biochemist who specializes in a toxin that shows the victim their greatest fear. He's a very creepy man, who loves to cause fear.

Possible trigger warning: Mentions of body and facial horror. References to being mauled. Needles. Possible drug warning for his toxin.

Backtagging: Yes. If you don't reply after a long time (say weeks or months) I might still be willing to pick threads back up.
Threaddropping: Potential, but rare.
Format: Prose preferred. Willing to do script.
Threadjacking: Ask first.
Fourthwalling: No thanks.
Canon Puncture: If it suits the thread/setting.

Crosscanon and AU: Absolutely!
Romance: Yes
Hugging: Yes, but only after getting to know him or if the rp has them already as a couple. He's not much of a hugger nor is he very affectionate.
Kissing: Only with established relationship or building a relationship.
Flirting: You may, but don't expect him to flirt back.
Smut: I am comfortable with smut and having him engage in smut.
Mutilating: I'd rather you not. He's already been mauled in canon.
Killing: No.
Mind Reading: Go for it. Feel free to ask what kind of readings a mind reader might get off him.

Any questions can be asked in the comment section. If you don't want Scarecrow injecting or gassing your character, feel free to say so.
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Doctor Crane looked out over Gotham City from the roof of his hideout, the now-abandoned Arkham Asylum. Soon, all of this would know true fear, including the Batman. The grounds had long since overgrown from years of disuse, and one could still see where Poison Ivy's plant had overtaken part of the island. Arkham still bore scars from the Joker's takeover, and fortunately his men had reported there was no sign of Killer Croc in the sewers.

Scarecrow retreated back into the Arkham Mansion for now, where he'd set up shop. His toxin was almost ready, as the unfortunate punks looking for easy looting had the misfortune to find out. Now, he just had to prepare for his guest, assuming he showed up.


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